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The Banking Branch of Future

EPFL Lausanne

International contest to design and realize the scenography of the bank of the future.


Branch of the Future


Rollex Center, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland




Crédit Suisse ag, private and Wealthmanagement Clients Branch Strategy
Projektentwicklung und Management Dany Waldner ag.

Surface m²

350 m2

Scope of work

Scenography, Lighting design, audiovisual and multimedia design


Contest team : Swisscom
Project Manager : Nick Küpfer
Event & Media Solutions AG Senior, Digital Consultant
Architect : Carlo Vescio
Visuals : Nina Mangeney

A large number of high-tech audiovisual applications have been designed. Among these are :
Double-sided video projection on a rolling screen.
Dynamic lighted circular ceiling.
Real-time displays of stock market and banking informations.
Various digital wireless workstations.

The Credit Suisse branch located in the center of the Rolex Center, EPFL, Lausanne wanted the most futuristic operational banking branch.
Second prizewinner.