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Architectural rehabilitation
of the Battery of la Cride and its scenographic valorization

Immersive exhibition in progress in the classified fort of Sanary.


Architectural rehabilitation
of the Battery of la Cride and its scenographic valorization


Sanary-sur-Mer, France


Permanent exhibition, heritage


Project in progress, Opening 2023


Municipality of Sanary sur Mer

Surface m²

400 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

400.000 €

Scope of work

Lighting design
Audiovisual and multimedia engineering


Scenography : Agence Explosition
Architect : Rouyrre Agence Cadmée
Architectural visuals : © Thomas Rouyrre Agence Cadmée


In this exhibition in progress, an immersive space will present a video projection in the form of a triptych which will cover entirely 3 walls of the fort's wildlife room.

The video projectors will be of only latest generation pure led-based sources. They ensure a longevity of several years for a maintenance reduced to a periodic dusting.
A series of interactive touch screens will be equipped with a self-cleaning principle as part of the anti-Covid campaign.

All the exhibition’s rooms of the Fort are classified. 
The sub-ceiling heights are low, around 2500m. Mini floodlights (maximum 50 mm) have been chosen in order not to disturb the visitors. Those devices offer all the accessorization required by the scenography, filter dimming, honeycomb, snooth. The rails are leaning against the ceilings.

The lighting concept highlight the building, the circulation and the scenographic elements.

Scenography allowing the creation of an itinerary that enhances the value of the architectural building and brings it into synergy with the collections and the various themes addressed: a fun, educational and poetic journey, accessible to all a playful, educational and poetic journey, accessible to all.

The scenography is implanted in a harmonious and respectful way in the Battery of La Cride, in the respect and the valorization of the rehabilitated heritage.
In consultation with the architect, it seemed interesting  to "play" with the two levels of the forecourt and the moat, considering the sea level as an in-between: the introduction and the first two sections unfold in a terrestrial atmosphere while those dedicated to the Mediterranean fauna and to tales and legends are immersed in an underwater atmosphere.