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Cité de l'économie et de la monnaie


An impressive mapping highlights the hall of honor of the former main branch of the Banque de France.
A light course accompanies the museography or describes the heritage architecture depending on the visit.


Cité de l'économie et de la monnaie


Hôtel Gaillard, 75017 Paris, France




January 2019


La Banque de France

Surface m²

2.500 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

5.700.000 €

Scope of work

Technical management, lighting design, audiovisual and multimedia engineering,  show control, CFO/CFA


Scenography : Alphabeth and Explosition
Mandatory architect : Atelier Lion
Graphism : Crocodile and Paula Mutel
Audiovisual integration : Etc-Onlyview
Audiovisual lighting : Inytium
Showcases Lighting : Luxam
Audiovisual production : Sip-Conseil, Museomaniac, Opixido, Fleur de papier, Orpheo, Les Films d'ici , Gand angle production, Anamnesia, Canine production
Sound design : Life
Set Builder: Matière à penser, Goppion, Prelud
Manippe : Diversit
ACMH : Agence Pallot
Acoustic : Impédance
Economist : BET - OPC Ygrec ingénierie

The technical applications feature :

1200 lighting sources on tracks. Each of them is dimmed locally or in DMX and / or ArtNet. Dynamic and RBB underwater lighting of the vault moat. Design and manufacture of custom lighting fixtures.
More than 350 luminous led flat panel as the cartel.
Heritage enhancement of the grand staircase with a composition of dynamic white light source variations.

Complex video mapping in the main staircase of Citeco. Implementation of 12 video projectors lerge venue varying between 12000 and 8000 Ainsi/Lumen. FullHD. Technology led/laser. A sound 7 system. Synchronization with the lighting sequences of the heritage and museal tours. Implementation of more than 150 monitors, touch monitors and video projectors. All this equipment is controlled and monitored by networks.

This central branch of the Bank of France, a former private mansion transformed by the architect Defrasse, among others, classified as a historical monument, has become since the summer of 2019 a place of memory and heritage important the city of the economy and currency of Paris.

The visit begins with an impressive mapping in the hall of honor.
Large video-projections of animated images illustrate contemporary issues around the economy and finance while respecting the original place and beauty of the architecture.
The tour then continues through different sequences in perfect harmony with the structures of the buildings and the remarkable fittings of the place. As in other heritage spaces, a modern integrated scenography is subject to the requirements of the historical cultural technical aesthetic site has been implemented.
Whether in the Defrasse hall where customers were received as much of the branch or in the incredible vault holy of stave in which the strongboxes are transformed into a showcase.

Each element is the smallest detail has been thought, designed and realized in collaboration with architects and those responsible for historical monuments.