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Restoration and scenographic design of the Mine Museum Puits Couriot

Implementation of an immersive space that deconstructs preconceived ideas about firedamp.
Creation of a collective, spectacular and educational experience.
Illustration of the theme with 60 m² of mapping accompanied by 3D Lidar gesture recognition.
Synchronization with lighting and multi-track sound.


Restoration and scenographic design of the Mine Museum Puits Couriot


Parc Couriot Saint Etienne,


Heritage, Museum




Ville de Saint Etienne
Direction Construction, Aménagement et foncier

Surface m²



500000 €

Scope of work

Lighting design, Audioviduals design and engineering


Scenography: Agence MasKarade
Heritage architect and mandatory: Archipat
Director, Musée d'Art et d'Industrie de Saint Etienne et de la Mine de Couriot: Marie-Caroline Janand

The Puits Couriot, closed since 1973 and the first French mining site to be classified as a "historic monument" in 2011, is renovating the scenography of all its galleries. The initial project launched in 2012 preserved the many traces of the site's activity (rails, fragments of platforms, stop blocks) and included the development of an urban park covering more than six hectares.
Today, for the guided tour of the underground mining gallery, a new scenography is implemented through the Metal Galleries, the Wooden Galleries and the Stables. An immersive space at the crossroads of the Galleries will enable visitors to experience and understand the dangers of the mine and its countermeasures, with the help of mapping on all surfaces and multi-track sound system.