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El Mar de Leds

Since December 2011 Sevilla offers a new permanent exhibition: the Museo de la Navegación


El Mar de Leds


Sevilla, Pabellón de la Navefación, Spain


Permanent exhibition


December 2011


Empresa Pública de Gestión de Activos, S.A. Sevilla

Surface m²

1.250 m2

Scope of work

Technical management for the led's floor


Scenography : GPD General Diseño de Producción (Acciona today)
Leds floor concept and build-up : Habegger SA, CH

To simulate the movements of the sea, a spectacular floor of leds of 56 x 24 m has been build. A matrix composed of 14500 led heads covers it. Each head consists of a led cob inserted into the general thin wooden floor. To each one of those light sources correspond a fiber optic mast whose terminal is split into 12 bundles. Each led is identified in a network of 18 DMX universes and is individually controlled via Art-Net. The rendering is the vision of the ocean calm or furious.

With an application embedded into Wifi tablet terminal, the visitor controls the movements of the ocean. The movements of his fingers on the touch surface simulate the raging waves or the tranquility of the liquid surface.
Habegger's engineers used the website to control the matrix.

In the building that housed the navigation pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Seville92, today the visitors is transported at the time when raising a boat was all an adventure and when Sevilla was a crucial port in the history of Navigation. The Swiss company Habbeger has been contracted by Spanish design company GPD to conceive and setup a lighting concept application which simulates the movements of the sea.