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Exhibit Master Plan NHMLA

Los Angeles

A global approach to conceive the place of Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, in the 21st century. 


Exhibit Master Plan LANHM


NHMLA Los angeles, USA


Permanent exhibition, museum


Master plan delivery in 2006


Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Foundation, The County of Los Angeles

Surface m²

30.000 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

11.000.000 €

Scope of work

Technical management
Lighting design
Audiovisual and multimedia engineering 
Show control


Scenography : Atelier Confino
Architect : Steven Holl
Curator : Wanda Vitali
Museography : Peter Gales

In 2002, an international competition was launched by the museum to design a Master Plan for the future renewal of its galleries.
The New York architect, Steven Holl, designed the museum's expansion. After successive elimination rounds, the agency Confino won the competition.A complex process then began between the curators, staff and board of the museum to imagine together a natural history museum for the 21st century that would address fundamental questions in a direct or metaphorical manner. The Master Plan was submitted in August 2003 to Museum President Jane Pisano. It was completed in 2005.

The new galleries opened between 2007 and 2011.