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Improvement of the hall Jean Féger
Total Scientific and Technical Center 

Total Group wanted to renovate the CSTJF entrance hall its main research center


Total Centre Scientifique et Technique, Jean Féger hall rehabilitation


Hall de l’auditorium du CSTJF, 64000 Pau, France


Permanent exhibition


Competition Winner 2014


Groupe Total

Surface m²

600 m2

Scope of work

Technical management
Lighting design
Audiovisual and multimedia engineering 
Show control


Scenography : Atelier Confino
Producer and museography : Elephant Live Production
Set Builder : Prelud
Hologram : Atelier Holographique de Paris
Genealogy space : Malice image

Comprehensive catalog of audiovisual activities:
Stereoscopic projection with polarized glass. Cylindric 360° video projection. External full projection on a sphere and 360° panoramical. Lenticular images. 3D Screens Alioscopy© screens. Showcases with front transparent's screens.

The Total Group wanted to renovate the entrance hall of its main research center, the Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Center. The mission consists in the valorization of the excellence of the Total Group detailed in 6 islands.

Island 1: General presentation of the Total Group through a staging of their know-how.
Island 2: tells the story of Total EP through interactivity
Island 3: presents Total EP's areas of excellence and priorities in terms of production
Island 4: presents Total's exploration philosophy
Island 5: highlights the challenges met by Total EP through research and development.
Island 6: highlights all of the Group's businesses, know-how, technologies and values.