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Mobiles - Immobiles

Exhibition that questions mobility and a transition to more desired and sustainable lifestyles.


Mobiles - Immobiles


Hôtel de Soubise, 75003 Paris, France
Archives nationale de Paris, 93380 Pierrefitte, France


Temporary exhibition


January 2019


Forum vie Mobiles - SNCF

Surface m²

300 m2
600 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

180.000 €

Scope of work

Lighting design, audiovisual and multimedia engineering. Automated control of all lighting and audiovisual equipment. CFO/CFA of scenographic equipment


Scenography : Explosition
Graphism : Paula Mutel
Audiovisual production : Mardi 8
Audiovisual integration : La Méduse
Lighting integration : 50 Lux
Set Builder : Decoral
Montmaking : Catherine Pekovits

The Mobile Lives Forum is a research institute supported by the SNCF. It examines mobility and the transition to more desirable and sustainable lifestyles. The exhibition proposes an original approach combining art, human and social sciences and documents from the archives.

The aim is to make the general public aware of the importance of mobility in contemporary societies and to open debates on the place we would like to give it. The first part of the exhibition looks back at the evolution of mobility since the beginning of the 20th century.

The second part of the exhibition highlights the fact that this mobility is in reality less free than it seems, between the monitoring of flows and inequalities in access to mobility.

The third part shows how central mobility is to contemporary lifestyles. The last part reflects on the place of mobility in tomorrow's society, starting from citizens' aspirations and utopias in order to understand the diversity of possible futures.