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Réhabilitation des espaces culturels et d’accueil des publics en rive gauche du site du Pont du Gard

International contest for the project management for the scenography of a new immersiv museum and renovation of interpretation areas on the Pont du Gard site


Public contract for the renovation of the cultural and visitor reception areas on the left bank of the Pont du Gard site


La Bégude, 400, route du Pont du Gard 30210 Vers-Pont-du-Gard


Permanent museum


July 2023


SEGARD EPCC Pont du Gard

Surface m²


4000 m2

4950000 € Scénographie, Paysagisme et architecture


Lighting design, audiovisual and multimédias engineering


Scénography 1 and Representative: Icaria atelier Sevilla

Scénography 2: Explosition

Architecte: Cadmée

Audiovisual production : Icaria atelier Sevilla

Graphism: Icaria atelier Sevilla

Landscaping: Florine Lacroix - Atelier L

The new museum:

The proposal focuses on developing emotionally engaging spaces, the only way to achieve truly immersive and resonant deep learning experiences.

Designing for emotion involves working in highly polished atmospheres in which lighting, finishes and audiovisual resources are placed at the service of narrative and aesthetic concept.

While maintaining the Program's content sequences, our proposal induces a shift in circulation from a linear to a looping experience.

The overall understanding of the Roman engineering project deserves to be the first and last space in the museum, creating a strong visual impact at the beginning and end of the visit: the Nîmes Aqueduct thus becomes the backbone of the Pont du Gard museum

Create a more integrated visitor experience.
Presentation of a complete cultural and leisure offering
Creation of immersive learning environments
Creation of new pathways and viewpoints

The principles of scenographic design
Respect for the building's architectural language
Magnification of spaces
Reduction of visual pollution
Sober, timeless language, amplitude
Local materials, local color palette

Original scenography, new museography
Unified content
Immersive museography that conveys emotion to visitors

Audiovisual perspectives that connect spaces to one another
A common language for outdoor and indoor spaces
New signage concept to improve visitor flow and experience