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Planet of Visions Theme Park Pavillion

The most visited pavillion at Expo 2000 Hannover with 11 Millions visitors.


Universal Exhibition Expo2000 Hannover Theme Park Pavillion 


Theme Park Pavillion
 Hanover, Allemagne


Temporary exhibition, BIE World Exhibition


April 2000


German government

Surface m²

14.000 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

13.000.000 €

Scope of work

Project manager (Theme Leiter)


Scenography : François Schuiten
Production : INGENIA Carmen Bueno Sevilla BIEGE Hanover
Monumetal painting : Alexander Obolensky
Interactive systems design : Maurice Benayoun
Sound design : Jean-Baptiste Barrière
Set Builder : ADN Atelier du Nord - Studio Babelsberg

A centrally administered high-speed PC IBM network is the technological nerve of “Planet of Visions” exhibition area. It links all technical and audiovisual components and controls all interactive systems belonging to the overall exhibition.

The exhibition measures around 7,500 m2 and an approximate number of 100 IBM PCs and servers are synchronising the permanent show.
Along the journey, a suspended garden is completed; It includes animatronics animals. On the ground, the whole is reflected in a large pond strewn with video projection.

Implementation of a extended semicircular panorama of 144 m x 12 m height painted by hand. The work represent utopian radiation and apocalyptic darkness. Further visitors enconter inductive walls that emit sounds in more than 300 languages when touched.

The Universal Exhibition motto was: «Mankind - Nature - Technology -
Creating a New World»
The “Planet of Visions” is one of eleven topics in the EXPO 2000 thematic park and is sponsored by IBM. Located in Hall 9 on 14000 m² of space, this multimedia world of experiences is focusing on utopias and visions of humankind.
«Planet of Visions» brings the utopias of world history into contemporary consciousness by projecting historic visions in gigantic panoramic scenes.

The artistic visions of Belgian scenographer François Schuiten combined with the sophisticated computer technologies of IBM make "Planet of Visions" a fascinating experience.