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WIMU Museo del vino a Barolo
An original wine museum staging with poetry all its own history and culture



WIMU Museo del vino a Barolo


Château Falletti Di Barolo, Barolo, Italy




April 2010


City of Barolo
Regional Council of Piemont

Surface m²

3.200 m2

Scenographic cost € HT

3.000.000 €

Scope of work

Technical management
Audiovisual and multimedia engineering 
Show control


Scenography : Atelier Confino - Les Crayons
Museography : Fabrizio Sabelli
Scenographical architecture : LLTT
Set Builder : La Bodino
Lighting design : Lightemotion CA
Sculptor : Patrick Ferasse

Photographs: © Wimu

Amongst others, the development of a counting peas machine, a plucking chicken machine and a machine for cooking square hard-boiled eggs, figure as humorous winks.

A Museum about wine that showcases its history and culture.
Barolo italian wine is not only the best Italian wine, but also one of the best wines in the world.

To celebrate this, Confino agency created in the castle of Barolo, on five levels and 3,200 m2, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of world wine Barolo. The journey emphasizes on the history of the castle.

It reviews the relationship between wine and painting, music, literature, and cinema and of course the kitchen.