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Willy Ronis: se retrouver

An exhibition of the great humanist photographer Willy Ronis at the Musée de Pont-Aven, presents a selection of some 120 photographs as well as archival documents.


Exposition temporaire Willy Ronis: se retrouver


Musée de Pont Aven, 29930 Pont Aven


Temporary Exhibition


January 2023


Musée de Pont Aven
La médiathèque du patrimoine et de la photographie MPP

Surface m²

600 m2

Scope of work

Lighting design
Audiovisuals engineering 


Agence Explosition: Scénographie

The Museum of Pont-Aven has organized an exhibition of the great humanist photographer Willy Ronis. A selection of some 120 photographs as well as archival documents, thus mixes snapshots of daily life and major events, as many testimonies of the shocks experienced by the society of the twentieth century and the reunion so hoped by everyone.
Willy Ronis, son of a Russian father and a Lithuanian mother, was born in Paris in 1910. Endowed with an absolute ear for music and lulled by the family's musical culture, his ambition was to make it his profession. Fate decided otherwise. It is photography that keeps him busy and makes him live his whole life. Willy Ronis (1910-2009) is one of the great figures of humanist photography in France. Winner of the Grand Prix National de la Photographie in 1979 and the Nadar Prize in 1981, he dedicated his life to street photography.
The exhibition aims to contextualize the photographic production of Willy Ronis, between spontaneous works, reports conceived for a client and personal creations as an independent photographer-illustrator. The exhibition takes the visitor on a visual and musical journey to the heart of the reunion captured by the affectionate, but not mawkish, eye of Willy Ronis, free and independent photographer.
In exclusivity, will be presented contact sheets, "vintages" printed by Willy Ronis, work and reference prints, archives and documents related to the reportage photographs presented. A series of modern prints will also be presented to complete the exhibition and enhance the colossal work of Willy Ronis during his long career.